Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blogger site: We have a decision

I have imported every member of our blogger site over to our new site. You as a subscribing member of this site, Island Spirit on blogger, should be seeing our emails now being sent from our new site at These are sent from the MailChimp app a tool in Wordpress we are using. 

Eventually, I plan to stop posting here, on blogger, and only post on our new server and our site. So for right now, as I perfect the transfer, you may be seeing these double post. Please allow me time to complete the full transfer.

With that said, we just posted a very detailed blog update on our decision for our mast repair. You can read about our decision and our summary here:
Thank you

Hayden & Radeen, preparing to head to Puerto Rico, Sun, Dec 3, with a launch date Dec 5.