About Us

Our Sailing History...

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18' Racing
Three Sheets
to the Wind

The Start.... 1978-1988

My sailing experience started in college, with a 14 foot boat that a friend allowed me to borrow. That excitement lead to buying an 18 foot racing boat which my wife and I raced  from 1981 to 1988. We traveled to regattas all over the east coast and we enjoyed the sport. Our best finishes were 1st place in the North East US Champions and 2nd place finish at the North American Championships. The boat was an 18' foot Buccaneer, similar to the Olympic Class Flying Dutchman. Check out the Champaign glass on the front sail!
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Car with 27' boat

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Sunset over the bow

Getting Serious.... 1991-2001

Finding a passion like sailing can be very addicting. Our boats began to grow in length. In 1991 we bought our first ocean cruising yacht, an Island Packet 27 named Cinnamon! We sailed that boat all over the Chesapeake Bay. We also sailed her to North Carolina, living aboard the boat for ONE MONTH. We were hooked. Sailing has become our passion.
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27' footer........sunset at anchor.....the captain.........riding out a storm

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Island Spirit Sailing
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Sailing from the bow

The Yacht Brand
Island Spirit
because we are...
Island Bound!

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Check out the scale of the boat!

Dream Come True.... June, 2001-forever?

Moving UP.....we sold our 27 footer and bought a 35 foot Island Packet. Now we are heading offshore. Time to sail blue water. Water beyond 100 miles offshore! This type of sailing is a whole new game.

The interior floor plan
2 bedrooms, 2 sofas, galley, and bathroom
We need to learn about....
  • survival at sea
  • sailing 24/7
  • autopilot
  • radar
  • water makers
  • 12 V. electrical sys.
  • living at sea, cooking
  • medical emergencies
  • immigrations
  • etc...
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Blue Water Sailing!
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at the docks ...........below decks

Under full sail

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First Mate and Navigator, Radeen