Friday, October 27, 2017

Video: Intro 2017-18 Cruising Season

We created this intro video on our YouTube channel outlining the launch of svIslandSpirit and our plan to raise funds via Patreon. All the funds raised are NOT for us! We will be using the money to help people in need after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, USVI and the BVIs. We hope we can help someone. That is our goal this 2017-2018 cruising season. Enjoy this 2-minute into., and please become a Patron and make a small donation.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

svIslandSpirit is Launched

Radeen and I have redesigned our ten-year-old blogger site and we imported all the content into our new WordPress site located on my own server at Then we reworked our Twitter account and our Instagram account to reflect this new svIslandSpirit design. Next, we create a Facebook page for svIslandSpirit and published this with the same banner and profile picture. Our final step was to build a Patreon donation page where our followers can contribute to help us meet our new goals of helping others.
Radeen and Hayden arriving and taking down the Q flag

The goal is to raise funds via our blogging, photo essays, and YouTube videos. Each time we produce new content, we can offer it to our Patreon members who can make a contribution of their selection being $1, $2, $5, $10. As these funds build up, we will present a balance sheet under the donation menu link. The money raised is NOT for us. We will be giving away all the money to people and families and organizations that we discover who really need help after the destructive hurricanes of IRMA and MARIA. We are hoping to organize hundreds of our subscribers under Patreon generating funds to donate to those in need. Again the balance sheet will be here. Please join our project by liking and following our Facebook page, then please join our Patreon page. While you are at it, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We are applying the power of social media to help others in need.

We hope you like our idea and we know people have enjoyed our blog for many years, now we are hoping to put this to work to help those in need. Thank you for joining our team. Please look over all the new social media links above and Like and FOLLOW our accounts. We will do our best to help.

Hayden & Radeen

Our Tagline:

"We know we can't help everyone, but everyone can, at least, help someone."