Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coolaroo Fabric Sun Shade Yacht Storage Cover

...Coolaroo Full Sun Cover....
We decided this year to store our boat down south so that in October or November we can get a head start to the Bahamas and then on to the Caribbean Sea. With that all in mind, we were lucky enough to get on the storage list at the Hinckley Yacht Services Yard in Stuart Florida. We set our haul out date for Monday May 9th and then planned and installed a full yacht sun shade cover Monday and Tuesday. We were hauled out first thing Monday morning and we immediately started working on the cover. We used 1,200 sq. ft of Coolaroo heavy, 90% UV sunshade fabric and covered the entire boat.

Two Rolls of Coolaroo
This fabric is made by Gale Pacific and it is sold in 6' x 100' rolls and 12' x 50' rolls. We bought one of each. The plan worked out well with the 6 foot piece hanging from the top lifeline to the waterline and the 12 foot piece spanning the deck from top lifeline to top lifeline. The fabric is a knitted fabric and it can easily be connected together using plastic zip ties. I also added the coolaroo clips that clamp onto the fabric and allow the addition of ropes to pull the fabric down tight under the boat. This project took a day and a half to install. The rolls cost $130 each and I also used about $30 of rope and wire ties. The cover will be protecting the boat from the intense hot Florida sun and it will allow the cover to breath and ventilate as well. We are expecting this to last all summer and into the fall. We will remove the cover the end of October and relaunch Nov 1. We are really happy with the way this "Project Coolaroo" all worked out.

Here are some photos of the process. 
(Note: All photos copyright by Hayden Cochran, all rights reserved)
The 10 foot AB Dinghy was lifted to deck

We bought a digital dehumidifier with auto restart after a power outage

Coolaroo clips to tie rope to the fabric

The boat is stripped of dodger, bimini, halyards, sails, lines, etc

We pre rolled the coolaroo fabric and put into place

Full sun deck temps at 116 F

Under the coolaroo deck temps 87 F, that is 29 degrees cooler!

Hinckley Haulout


Notice the scale of the lift and the boat to the person!

Radeen walks next to Island Spirit as we go to the storage

Stored and ready for the cover

The 6 foot roll by 50 feet is hung off the top life line

Zip ties the coolaroo to the lifeline

The two side pieces are on

Top Bow piece 12' x 22' goes from mast to 1' past the bow

Roll the bow closed and wire tie to the boat

Second deck piece, 12' x 28 feet connected behind the mast

Zip ties the aft piece to the bow piece

Using clips the top and sides are pulled down tight

The top is zip tied to the sides as well

Full view of the entire side

Lookign from the stern to the bow over the top

Whisker pole is extended from Base of mast to Davits lifting the center

Back deck cover tented over whisker pole

Tenting allows you to get under and back into the boat

Aft deck cover extends out and flaps down over the stern making an access area
This is tolled and tied down to the ladder
Overall, we are really happy with the project. It did take more time and effort than expected to offload the boat and plan the cover. This is all a practice run for when we store in the Caribbean next June, again, we will plan to shade the boat from the hot tropic sun and UV damages. Now, we need to pray for no hurricanes to hit Florida this season. Until then, we will return home to work on our property. Rest up Island Spirit because next year, you will sail the Caribbean Sea!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beloved Peg

...Our beloved Peg...married to Cliff for 11 happy years....
We sailed back from the Bahamas as fast as we could so we could drive home to PA to attend my Step Mother's Celebration of Life service with my Dad and family. We arrived back in Vero Beach last weekend, secured a Hertz rental car and drove to PA Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we were at home and Thursday, we attended the beautiful Celebration of Life service at the Lititz United Methodist Church. The music, sharing, message and stories were all so heartwarming. Peg was a special person, kind and caring, and she was a great wife to my Dad. We are glad we were able to attend the service and be there with our family. After the service, my Dad hosted a wonderful luncheon for 75 people.

1. Sail to USA. 2. Drive to PA. 3. Drive to BWI
4. Fly to Orlando. 5 Drive to Vero
After another day at home, we drove to Baltimore, turned in our rental car and flew back to Florida on Jet Blue. The rental car companies have a deal that is called Drive Our of Florida. If you take a car north from Florida, you can rent it for up to 14 days for $8.99 per day with unlimited miles and no drop off fees. So, we drove a car north and we flew back. Our flight back cost $59 each. This was the most cost effective way for us to get from Florida to home, to the service and back to FL.

This process will be repeated next week. We will be storing our boat for the summer in Stuart Florida and will be renting a Drive out of Florida car and driving to PA. For now, we are in Vero, working on packing up the boat, off loading food and clothing, removing the sails and canvas. Once hauled out on May 9th, we will install a full sun shade (more on that later). After the boat is stored, we will happily visit some more friends in Florida and then drive home to PA.

The passive Solar Home we built
We plan a summer at home working on our house and we have a few trips planned as well. It is always sad to be out of the Bahamas, because our time there is always relaxing and peaceful and the water and beaches are so beautiful. We look forward to our return to the boat this fall and then onward to the Caribbean for exciting new adventures.  For now, it is time to close up the boat and store her here in the hot Florida sun from May 9 until Nov 1. It will be a big adjustment not having a boat for the summer on the Chesapeake Bay.....

Here are a few photos...

Our $8.99/day car. Hyundai Sonata, NICE

A visit with Craig at his friend Gary's place, very fun night!

This year, for the first time, we brought no luggage!  Garbage bags and a book bag worked!

South of the Border, so crazy, we did not stop


Welcome to PA, I-95 madness during two days of driving

OMG, this is paradise after 8 months on a boat!
We love our home
Returning to Orlando, this plane was next to ours.
Peg LOVED cardinals, It was a sign of peace.
Back on the boat, we started the varnish service coat, much more to do
Varnish looks so good when it is new, so clear, so bright
Sunshade fabric research,
This is the wrong stuff, which we we returned.
The right stuff is called COOLAROO, see http://www.GalePacific.com

Dear friends Carey and Julie met us for a lively dinner
Walking the beach in Vero with Carey and Julie
Tropical Vero landscaping
Vero Beach beauty
After moving to Stuart on Thursday, we will finish off-loading the boat into the rental car. Haul out is scheduled for Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent making and installing the sun shade cover. We will blog about that next. Thank you for riding along, we appreciate you reading our blog.

Our Bahamas 2016 Adventures
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