Friday, January 19, 2018 New Site

As many of you know, we have moved and imported all the blog posts (10 years worth) from this Google Blogger site into our own server and a new Wordpress site at We did this in support of our idea to expand our blog beyond just blogging. So, with the new name of sv Island Spirit, we were able to secure all the social media addresses and a few new domain names. This means you can find us on all the social media sites using the name svIslandSpirit: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon. Everything is linked up on our new website menu. Please Like and Follow us as we explore the Caribbean Sea for the next four years!
The NEW website for

One last topic. Everyone that was a member of this blog has been imported and subscribed to our new blog. If you are new here, and if you would like to follow us by EMAIL, then please fill out this form and our new Wordress blog will email you whenever we post a new story. We are using the Mail Chimp application to manage our list. This is an easy way to enjoy our travels.

Thank you all. We will see you over on our new site....

and on our Facebook Page....

Radeen and Hayden riding the "Safari Bus" in Tortola, BVIs