Friday, October 27, 2017

Video: Intro 2017-18 Cruising Season

We created this intro video on our YouTube channel outlining the launch of svIslandSpirit and our plan to raise funds via Patreon. All the funds raised are NOT for us! We will be using the money to help people in need after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, USVI and the BVIs. We hope we can help someone. That is our goal this 2017-2018 cruising season. Enjoy this 2-minute into., and please become a Patron and make a small donation.

Thank you!

Please become a patron here:

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ussv Angel Louise said...

Hi Hayden & Radeen, Great Plans & noble venture. I wish for you great success. Lord knows they needed help in PR before the hurricane damage. You guys are saints. Did you set up a §501(C)(3) vehicle to take donations tax free & offer tax deductability to those donating funds? Otherwise protecting you from being taxed for your big hearted help to others. I hope you have great success but was curious/concerned. I will help. Sue and I are busy off Angel Louise - having driven 750 miles to New Bern for a couple weeks & mucho tv watching before heading to Southern FL for SSCA gam (will give talk then attend my first Board of Directors meeting as a member of SSCA Board). Then next afternoon have to speak in Charleston on program for the AGLCA (Looper convention) and then driving rental car to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for physical & back to boat to finish the Great Loop from current mooring in North Alabama! As you know commuting to & from sv Island Spirit, there is a bunch of windshield time to put in. BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR VENTURE. Sue and I will try and figure out how to send a contribution in next couple days ... mid-morning here now as I send 4ish a.m. thanks for your hard work from my bunk.