Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Calendar 2013

Tenth Anniversary Edition
IPphotos.com IPYOA.com 2013 Calendar
We have released our Tenth Anniversary edition 2013 Sailing CALENDAR. This calendar is sold to support our Island Packet web sites at IPYOA.com and IPphotos.com. The Calendar profits are used to pay for the two servers storing and serving our 12,000 Island Packet photos at IPphotos.com and the new dedicated community web server running IPYOA.com. These three web servers are serving tens of thousands of web pages each month to the Island Packet Community. We appreciate your support and encourage you to purchase our calendar here. Thank you!

Here are the photos and pages of this Tenth Edition Calendar

If you are interested in Island Packet Yachts, we also encourage you to JOIN our Island Packet Yacht Owners' Association. This web site is not only for IP owners, but also for Island Packet Dealers, Brokers, and Friends all interested in sharing the "JOY of Island Packet Yachts."

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