Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warderick Wells Last Day

The USA Flag off Warderick Wells....
Tomorrow we will depart Warderick Wells and move on south to Big Major and Staniel Cay Yacht Club where we may find some BTC Bahamas Cell towers and some connectivity. This has all been uploaded via satellite communications and at a very slow speeds and expensive fees...

Here are a few photos from today, we really love it here...We hope you enjoy the photos.

Our sandbar that dries at low tide, once again

Mooring Ball #15, right off the beach and the park office

It is fun to walk along the sand bar edge where it drops off to 30+ feet

Nearly a shear drop off, fun to swim off

We take the dinghy over and anchor it on the bar

Look how cool this is....our yacht in deep water and the tender on the sandbar

Another beautiful sunset
Thank you for enjoying the photos of the most beautiful place in the Bahamas, now on to find more beautiful places....

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Roger Family Sailing Adventures said...

Great photos. We love the Bahamas and look forward to being in the crystal clear waters again. Loving the warm weather down in the Windwards but we've not seen anything that matches the Bahamas - especially the Exumas - for beauty.