Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fun Boat Buddies

We have been having a wonderful time meeting boat buddies and getting together as we prepare our boat for the Bahamas while in Harbour Cay Club, Marathon, Florida. Here we are now, in Bimini Bahamas waiting out yet another 30 knot high wind situation and I wanted to catch up on the blog, at 3am.. Since Christmas, we have worked on the teak and a few various boat jobs, departed Marathon for Miami, attended the South Beach Wall Cast, spent 5 days provisioning for our Bahamas run number five, and boarded our good friends Jeff and Sharon. We then sailed/motored/bashed out to Bimini whichy took us 11 hours. When this wind goes West or Northwest, (Monday) we will blast across the Bahama Banks at night and arrive in the Berries. For now, here are some photos of some of the wonderful friends we have had the fun of spending time with as we all fully enjoy the cruising life. It is all about the people you share the adventure with. Thank you all good freinds for making our times together so much fun.

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