Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jeff to George Town

George Town Bahamas, day one, and we have not seen anything is a quick photo essay...because I found a great WiFi connection while out here on anchor!

Hayden, Radeen and Jeff make it to land ....Welcome sign as you exit the dock
Job #1...hit CHAT n CHILL for a refreshing drink

Look at these Chat n Chill

Our boat at anchor off Chat n Chill and Vollyball Beach

Island Spirit, our 1994 Island Packet 35 at anchor, looks good for  19 yrs old!

This is the $8.50 local rum you buy for trading for LOBSTERs and FISH 

One happy Librarian at the local George Town Library open 10-12 Mon -Sat

The local boaters enjoying the harbor, wake boarding via a dinghy...coool 

Jeff, jumps ship and heads for his land based team for a week

More photos as we explore....
Thank you for sailing along

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Roger Family Sailing Adventures said...

Make sure to buy a conch salad from the guy on the beach at the Chat n Chill. They are fabulous and you get to meet his pet stingrays!

Enjoy your time in G'Town!