Thursday, January 16, 2014

1 2 3 to Biscayne Bay

1 2 3 to Biscayne Bay
We took the advice of a good friend and decided to make this Florida Bay run to Biscayne Bay in daylight hours, due to the five million crab pots and crab float lines all over the bay. At night we would not be able to see these and we might end up catching a crab pot. So, taking that advice, plus the fact that the Gulf was still kicked up with some serious waves, we decide to wait one more day.

Now the plan is to make this run in 10 hour chunks, 50-60 mile legs. We will anchor in Shark River in the Everglades on night one, then make Hawk channel on day two and anchor off any key we like with north winds. Then day three we will run Angelfish Creek into Card Sound and up into Biscayne Bay. This is our primary destination for the winter. We have been planning on spending all of January and most of February in Biscayne Bay and South Beach. When the winter fronts die down in the later part of February, then we may run to the Bahamas. Like all cruising plans, they can change tomorrow if we like.

Here are the latest wind predictions. Remember to subtract 5 hours from UTC to arrive at the correct time for East Coast. You will see the front has passed and the winds are much less. You also will see the next front arriving. Here in Florida and the Bahamas during the winter, we are always living by these frontal systems and really need to time our passages carefully.

Thank you again for following our trip. We enjoy sharing his cruising dream....

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Dixey Behnken said...

We love following your sail; we are thinking of leaving in 10-12 days; once we get everything prepared. Probably be following your path, which we have done once before, thru Marathon and Five mile Bridge.