Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arrival Biscayne Bay

Our Track of 47 miles today....
Speedboats, Biscayne Bay, Coral Reefs, Stiltsville, Miami Skyline and a beautiful sunset.

Welcome to Biscayne Bay Day #1. Let the fun exploration and review begin.

Photos tell the story best.

Our first speed boat

Our second speed boat about hit us....exciting

We tried to sail, but not in 6-8 knots

This darn reef was in our way

Stiltsville, the old homes that were built over the reef

Miami over the bow as we power north

Beachfront home on Key Biscayne where we dropped the anchor 
This is the sunset on the beach front home

This is our sunset view from infront of that same home

Our first of many sunsets on Biscayne Bay

Sipping red wine and taking in the sun set

Many yachts pick up anchor and run back to dock. Not many stay out over night

The sunset light up this cloud bank after sunset

Look at the reflection in the water, beautiful

Time to make dinner. The view from the galley below deck
We really like Biscayne Bay, and we are not disappointed by our first night on anchor off Key Biscayne. It has been two weeks since we last docked, so we plan to move into Coconut Grove Sailing Club and or Crandon State Park Marina for some yacht cleaning and land side services. The boat is trashed with salt spray everywhere, and it needs a serious cleaning.


michele boulay said...

We must have passed by each other at some point today! Have fun in Miami. See you in the Bahamas!

Hayden said...

Michele, looks like I noticed and IP off No Name Harbor, I bet that was you and you will make the run in the AM. See you over there.

Hayden said...

Darn. Sorry we missed you guys. We will reconnect soon.

Jay Sea Dee said...

Looks like a Orange/Blue sunset for the Bronco Nation !!!!