Monday, October 27, 2014

Beaufort is Home

Kate, the most fun chef ever...
Beaufort is one of our favorite stops every year as we travel up and down the AICW. It is a very nice waterfront town with cute shops, pubs and restaurants. But for us, the real joy is visiting Greg and Kate and their lovable Doodles, Lucy and Gracie. Greg and Kate make us feel like family and their hospitality is like none other. We visit their home, play with the Doodles, and enjoy the most amazing meals home cooked by Kate with Greg's assistance. We drink fine wines, bubbly, dessert wines and home brewed espresso made from freshly roasted beans! OMG, can it get any better than this? Nope, it cannot! Kate and Greg always spoil us and make us never want to leave, but with a plan to arrive Charleston Nov 3, we need to move on. Thank you so much, Greg and Kate, you truly are amazing with your hospitality and we cherish your friendship. Beaufort is Home, and you guys are family....

Here are some photos of our wonderful days at Greg and Kate's.

Looking out over the marina docks

Look at the smiles, Radeen, Kate, Nina

The Ladies with their Bubbly...Kate, Radeen, Nina, and Lisa

The men enjoying fine wines; Bob, Greg, Camp, and Reuben

Nina and Radeen on the "GIRL" porch 

We enjoyed many fine wines and bubbly

Hayden and his DOODLE, GRACIE, soooooo lovable

Kate's dinner for 9! Chicken Parm, Eggplant Parm with Lemon Basil Pasta

Kate and Hayden in the master chef's kitchen

Oh, did you want freshly brewed espresso? No problem!

How about a homemade Apple Cheese Tart? Really? OMG, I am moving in!

Hayden with "his" Doodle Gracie and Greg
Playing ball with the Doodles. Lucy always wins, but Gracie gets there first!
Day 2: Radeen and Kate heading out for dinner at the Ruddy Duck.
Notice Radeen's beautiful necklace hand crafted by Kate.
It has hundreds of tiny black and green beads and took 30 hours to make!

The Team out for dinner on night two. What a fun time!
Reuben, Bob, Greg, Nina, Hayden, Kate and Radeen


Greg Kerlin said...

Always a great time when Team Island Spirit rolls (floats) into town.

Was also great to see Ruben again and make new friends Nina & Bob.

Party on! See you down the road.

Campbell Tellman II said...

We were so honored to meet all of you! Got some helpful tips and encouragement to 'just get going!'. Hope to catch up with you later this winter. Lisa and Camp (the cruising newbies)