Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dismal Swamp Photo Essay

Radeen, master of the lock....
and Reuben IP380 Priority work the lock lines...
A photo essay of today, Oct 19, 2014. Deep Creek Lock to Elizabeth City, NC.

This is a beautiful section of the AICW.

I hope my photos show the true beauty.

Looking down the Dismal Swamp Canal

Looking back at our wake

The VA/NC state line in the Dismal Swamp

Buddy Boat Priority rounds a corner

Buddy Boat IP38 MOONDANCE rounds a bend

IP380 PRIORITY, Reuebn in the lock
The Dismal Swamp Canal, a must do on the AICW trip. It is simply too interesting and to beautiful. Now for a lay day in Elizabeth City....ahhhhhhh


Greg Kerlin said...

So... how was the turtle soup last night?

Hayden said...

Radeen kept the turtle for a pet, our watch turtle.

JStacy said...

Looks like you guys are having an incredible time again. Glad to see you having this much fun after the engine problems earlier this year

John Knight said...

Beautiful pics, Cuz! See you in Marco Is. Keep the great posts coming. Lol Nancy Knight